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Privát naturista lehetőségek és szállás



Events, dates and opportunities


Sauna, bathing, sunbathing in a private environment.

Private, non-public program, participation based on prior application. (Apply here, by e-mail, messenger, or by phone.)

In order to avoid misunderstandings: We only want guests to come for demanding naturist relaxation (sauna, bathing, sunbathing, talking, socializing, etc.), if you want erotic things or are not able to give proper hygiene, I recommend looking for another location!

Participation is free, but voluntary cost contributions (e.g. 10€/person) are gratefully accepted.

If more than 8 people have already applied, choose another date.

If you still can't come online, there's no problem, just let me know in this case and cancel your application so that others can also apply, and so that we know who is actually coming. We reserve the right to cancel the appointment if only one person applies.

If you come by car, please do not park in front of your neighbor or the one opposite you. If there is no space in front of the house, stop a little further down the street.

Since it is a private venue, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the list of applicants without reason, either due to oversubscription or simply because of the person's profile, previous Facebook activity, etc. because of this, we do not see the demanding naturist recreation as guaranteed for the others.

Activity party

Activity game without clothes, with sauna and swimming between rounds. The program will be held if a sufficient number of participants apply, so now, in exceptional cases, the fact that I will be there does not automatically indicate the possibility of participation. (We are primarily looking for applications from couples.) We will contact and negotiate with the applicants separately. The point is that we get rid of our clothes and feel good in the framework of a fun, funny game, at the end of which the winners will receive a book prize. (If you haven't done the activity before, it's no problem, you can get to know the rules in a few minutes. We will form teams and have to figure out what is on our partner's card. He will show us this by drawing, showing or writing around.)
Voluntary cost contribution: 12€/person.

There is currently no scheduled program.


Naturist recreation in a private environment at an agreed time with sauna and pool use.

In this case, the entire location is yours alone.

The price is HUF 40€, which applies to a maximum of 8 people and 2 hours. Additional hours: HUF 15€/hour. (+deposit, which will be returned immediately if the venue is returned properly.)
Attention: Sexual activity of any kind is prohibited in the pool area, which will be checked.

In case of pollution of the pool, a compensation of 900 euros is payable!

Just because we don't announce an event, it doesn't mean that it won't happen, it just means that either the number of people is already full, or we don't want strangers to apply.

Participation in the events is free, but we appreciate your contribution to our costs.

The discounted prices are therefore not binding, they only serve as a reference point for our costs.