1163 Budapest, Datolya u. 33. Hungary
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1163 Budapest, Datolya u. 33. Hungary

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GPS positions: E 47°30 53 N 19°10 37

On foot:

From Örs Vezér Square to the Sashalom stop (this is the third stop). Walk down Batsányi János Street on the side where the HÉV also runs. Turn right on the first street (Margit utca), then turn left on the second street opposite the car service. (Approx. 7-8 minutes from the hév stop) Another option is bus number 92, which is worth taking to Sasvár utca. Walking east into Sasvár utca, the second street on the right is Datolya utca. This is approx. 2 minutes on foot, but the 92 bus runs quite infrequently, compared to the bus, which runs frequently and any of them is good.

By car:

From Vezér Örs square, on the Kerepes road. After leaving the Nagyicce hév stop, you have to turn left, where there is a separate left-turning lane, crossing the hév. On the second street (the first is quite insignificant, it is almost impossible to notice) at the Sashalmi market, you have to turn onto Margit utca towards the Centenárium housing estate. There is a right-turning sign here, because of the market, but this only applies to certain periods on weekends, you can pass through the market normally on weekdays. After the stop sign, turn left at the car service on the second street. (If not, then you can either come in on the first street avoiding the market, or further up, you can also turn right onto Sasvár utca, then after the stop sign, the second street on the right will be Datolya utca.)

The M3 Újpalota exit, above Pólus center along Szentmihályi út. At the end of Szentmihályi út and the roundabout, you have to turn right, then immediately left in front of Lidl. Straight along János utca as far as possible (also through Rákosi út). This leads to the Budapest road. Turn right at Budapesti út, then immediately left again. There will be a sports complex on the left hand side (Kõszál Street). Now you have to turn right again, then on the third street to the left you will find Datolya utca.

From Gödöllõ, leaving the Mátyásföld Imre utca hév stop, immediately before the Mátyásföld airport hév stop, turn right and cross the hév to Gábor Baross utca. At the end of the road, where the main road turns to the right, turn left into Margit utca, pass in front of the Centenárium housing estate and turn right at the car service into Datolya utca.